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PhD Students
Nunto Nattapoom, Evaluation of management and restoration of riparian reserves in oil palm plantations. (Oct 2014-Present) Co-supervised with Guy Poppy
Adham Ashton-ButtRapid assessment of biodiversity and biogeochemical processing across tropical landscape gradients. (Jan 2015-Present) Co-supervised with Kelvin Peh and Guy Poppy
Andrew Hill, Acoustic environmental monitoring: a low-cost efficient tool for evaluating human exploitation of tropical forests. (Oct 2015-Present) Co-supervised with Patrick Doncaster and Alex Rogers.
Peter Prince, Acoustic environmental monitoring: a low-cost efficient tool for evaluating human exploitation of tropical forests. (Oct 2015-Present) Co-supervised with Patrick Doncaster and Alex Rogers.
Jennifer Ball, Measuring and optimising multiple ecosystem services provided by chalk streams,  (Oct 2016-Present) Co-supervised with Kelvin Peh and Rob Holland
Georgina Hollands, The effect of stressors on bees

MSc Students
Flavia Olivieri, MSc Environmental Sciences, Internet of Things (IoT) in the rainforest: the impact of environmental factors affecting low-power wireless technologies. (2018)
Kurt Lane, MSc Environmental Sciences, Pollinators in oil palm polycultures. (2018)
Jordan Holmes, MSc Environmental Sciences, Bumblebee pollen diet in UK agri-environment landscape. (2018)
Yihuan Yao, MSc Environmental Sciences, Assessing the impact eco-labelling on consumer choice of palm oil products. (2018)

Graduate students
Ryan Brazendale, BSc Biodiversity & Conservation, Edge effect of linear clearings on diversity of flying insects 
George O’Ferral, BSc Biodiversity & Conservation, Edge effect on ground beetles communities of woodland fragments in an urban environment 

Former students
PhD Students
Hsiao Hang-Tao, University of Oxford, Soil management practices. Hsiao-Hang’s research interest are in management and ecology of agroecosystems and ecosystem services. Her PhD project looked at the soil management practices such as EFB application in oil palm plantations. (Completed Oct 2012-Oct 2014) Co-supervised with Kathy Willis

MSc Students
Rupert Powell, MRes Advanced Biological Sciences, Urban biodiversity across the University of Southampton campuses. (Oct 2017 – 2018)
Elizabeth Henderson, MSci Zoology, Winter activity and plant associations of Bumblebees. (2017 – 2018)
Alex Hewitt, MSci Zoology, Comparing bait use in for camera trapping surveys, Belize. (Previously graduate project (2016) Arthropod biodiversity and biocontrol in allotments.
Lisa Jones, MRes Advanced Biological Sciences, Cultural ecosystem services provided by chalk streams. (Oct 2016 – 2017)
Georgina Hollands, 2016-2017, MEcol, The effect of habitat and disturbance on tropical ant diversity. (completed 2017)
Chloe Lewis, 2016-2017, MEcol, Impact of human activities and water quality on the population distribution of Morelet’s crocodiles (Crocodylus moreletti) in northern Guatemala. (Previously graduate project (2015) The impact of autumn temperatures on arthropod activity in an urban landscape.
Franscs Mullany, 2016-2017, MSci Zoology, The relationship between neo-tropical fruit-feeding butterfly diversity and habitat structure.
Fraser J Harris, 2015-2016, Strengths and weaknesses of citizen science datasets (completed 2016)(Previously graduate project (2015) Do Ecological Gardening Practices and Householder Knowledge of Ecology Increase the Biodiversity of Private Urban Gardens?
Daria Zielinska, 2015-2016, Thermal tolerances of Lasius niger ants and differences in thermal tolerance between L. niger and L. flavus (completed 2016)
Ahmad Faisal, 2015-2016,  MRes Wildlife Conservation, Project: Monitoring White Rhino population inside and outside the Matobo National Park (completed 2015)
Andrea Franceschini, 2015-2016, MRes Wildlife Conservation, Project: Human (fire and livestock) impacts on the herbivore community (completed 2015)
Christian Smith, 2015-2016, University of Oxford, MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
Project: Nutrients and freshwater macrophytes (completed 2013)

Graduate Students
Hannah Gunn, BSc Biology, Diversity and thermal characteristics of ant community in Chilworth conservation area; Rafe Cotton, MSci Biology & Marine Biology, Functional soil properties; Rachel Neill, 2016-2017, Investigating the exotic dung preference of UK coprophage species; Sophie Vines, 2016-2017, Water vole Habitat suitability; Fergus Horspool, 2015-2016, Dispersal Agents of Durian Seeds in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo (completed 2016); Alexander S H Dean,  2015-2016,The effect of understory on soil feeding rates in oil palm plantations in Riau, Indonesia (completed 2015); Louise Sharp, 2015-2016, Coleopteran morphological traits across in forest and oil palm habitats (completed 2015)